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Hugo Boss Unveils New Flagship Store on Rodeo Drive with A Celebrity Bash

Hugo Boss Party On Rodeo
Hugo Boss
WHAT: Hugo Boss celebrates the remodeling/reopening of its flagship store on Rodeo Drive.

WHO: Celebrity fashionistas including Djimon Honsue, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Scott Weiland, Jake Busey, Tony Hale and actresses Haley Bennet, Ashley Scott, and Phoebe Price.

WHERE: Rodeo Drive at Brighton Way.

WHEN: October 26, 2006.

THE VERDICT:Hugo Boss throws down the gauntlet to the rest of Rodeo Drive's retail establishment and bets big on its revived flagship store.

Memorable quote of the night:

"Didn't I tell you they'd get back together? "
--Kathy Hilton commenting on her daughter Paris and Nicole Ritchie deciding to rekindle their friendship in time for another season of "The Simple Life".
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Hugo Boss on Rodeo

Djimon Honsue
The store in question - before the celebs arrive

Djimon Hounsou arrives before the rest of late celeb crowd and lets onlookers know about his upcoming flick with Leonardo DiCaprio, "Blood Diamond".
Jake Busey
Jake Busey jokes around, gives thanks to "interstellar travel" for his timely arrival on the Hugo Boss red carpet
Dominique Swain
Miss Dominique Swain pauses to speak to photographers before she heads into the Rodeo Drive block party
Phoebe Price
Actress Phoebe Price taunts the hungry photographers with her cotton candy
Haley Bennett
Budding starlet Haley Bennett pauses to take a deep breath in front of the Hugo Boss flagship store.
Rick and Kathy Hilton
And then Rick and Kathy Hilton arrive to make the night even more interesting.
Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland surfaces with his lovely wife for the Rodeo block party. Grunge loves Hugo Boss? Who knew?

Ashley Scott
Ashley Scott takes a break from her busy filming schedule to join the Beverly Hills crowd.
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss babes/greeters always ready to of service.

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