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Alyma Dorsey "Green Project" or
Help an Athlete Achieve Her Dream

My sometimes trainer, the most fit girl I think I’ve ever seen, is finally pursuing her Olympic dream, and using a clever tactic of becoming an advocate for a cleaner, healthier planet to help foot the bill.

Alyma Dorsey, model-turned-fitness expert, who is possibly one of the most sought-after personal trainers in Los Angeles (I share her with several celebrities), has now decided to concentrate on becoming a professional beach volleyball player and possible future Olympian. (With all the famous girls having babies now, it just may be someone else’s turn in 2012.)

Alyma Dorsey, fitness trainer to the starsBut what makes her story so special is that she has decided to go “green” to raise training funds, thus helping others as well as herself. In addition to seeking individual or corporate sponsorships, she’s using the money made from collecting recyclables to help pay for training, tournament fees, and travel expenses.

“I was so excited to have found a way to reach my personal goals and help keep the planet clean at the same time,” Alyma explains. “But as you know, you have to collect so many recyclables before you can make any kind of money. So, now this has truly turned into my own personal and special ‘Green Project.’”

It’s become one of Alyma’s passions to help raise awareness of recycling at a grass roots level, and she hopes to help people and companies become more involved in going green., while raising money for her own dream.

One of the first major companies to come on board is West Hollywood’s Easton Gym. (I’ll list other companies in future columns, as the campaign progresses.) They’re excited to know that their recyclables (especially all those plastic bottles one sees in a gym’s trash cans) are going towards a great cause, while being proud that they’re helping contribute to a healthier environment. (And they’re smart for themselves, as well--having someone collect the bottles, etc. actually cuts down on the trash pick-up cost for a company.)

In addition to the usual plastic and glass bottles and cans, Alyma also collects anything plastic or glass that has the “recycle” seal on the bottom. She’ll go as far as providing businesses with personalized recycle bins (featuring the company name) and do pick-ups on a daily or weekly basis, all of which is of no cost to you. (Maybe all that work is what gives her those incredible muscles.) Indoor bins can be provided where necessary.

Clever, caring, AND fit--now there’s a combo worthy of our assistance. To help, (and get rid of your re-cyclable clutter at the same time!),

Contact: Alyma Dorsey 323-359-7543 alymad2012@gmail.com Easton Gym 8053 Beverly Blvd. 323-651-3636

Jelena Rokanovic - Collage Artist

Jelena Rokanovic, Collage ArtistAfter writing for BeverlyHillsPeople.com for all these years, I finally have a New Best Friend who lives here! She’s the beautiful Jelena Rokanovic of JRok Design, and recently re-located from Milano, Italy, where she’s already a successful collage artist. All of Jelena’s artwork is original; there is no digital or computer use.

One of her most famous works is an immense 6 by 8 foot collage of Italian clothing designer and icon, Roberto Cavalli. It includes many of his signature designs and is proudly displayed in his Milan showroom. Perhaps he even gets some inspiration from it for future creations.

Another note of interest is that Jelena’s namesake company, JRok Design, also owns the rights to several Marilyn Monroe images available in print form. Nowadays, Jelena works out of her Beverly Hills studio, but she travels quite frequently to Italy and her native Serbia. Although many of her works are of celebrities, both hereJelena Rokanovic - Collage Artist and abroad, she loves doing custom collages of all people. Jelena says, “I find each person’s story so intriguing and I love interpreting a person’s energy, aspirations and flavor into an artistic medium. After all, you are the greatest artwork of all.”

Jelena’s collages are available to be commissioned through her website below. But if you’re famous, don’t feel bad if she doesn’t recognize you--the enterprising young lady is so busy with her art that she has not time for trivial pastimes like watching TV. So, I think I’ll tell her that Karen’s Restaurant Revue is the number one show of all-time! If she goes with that, she keeps her New Best Friend status for a little while longer.


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