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Grand bistro desert
Spaghetti with Checca

I had attended the Brunello Trattoria opening at the beginning of the year, and when I read my own review of it, I realized that I had to try more of their menu items. So, on a recent rainy day, my friends and I headed back over for a cozy lunch., and wound-up putting together the perfect meal.
When I called to say what time we’d be there, Bruno Moura, the handsome owner, (whose brother owns Beverly Hills’ Da Pasquale, btw) was busy at work making the fresh pizza dough, and it paid off for us. We practically inhaled the Pizza Margherita, which is my test of trattorias. It was light and excellent, with a perfectly crispy crust.
The Caesar Salad, which is the favorite of Marcia, (the only person who’s a pickier eater than I), was one of the best ones that any of us ever had. We were practically swooning over it. It did cause a slight controversy, however. Marcia and I loved it because we didn’t perceive any anchovy taste, while Jann and Lilian loved it because the DID!!! How’s that for the perfect dish?!
We also liked the light and tangy Insalta Trittata, which was a different kind-of chopped salad, featuring colorful peppers and gorgonzola dressing.

Grand bistro desert Rigatoni with Lobster

Of the 3 pastas we tried, we voted the Bolognese sauce the winner. We had it with spaghetti instead of fettuccine. The Checca sauce was one of the best ones I’ve ever had, as well, due to the pasta (here, spaghetti rather than angel hair, which is usually served with Checca) being the perfect consistency, and including chunks of mozzarella, which most others don’t. Lil was also into the rigatoni with lobster meat that was one of the Wednesday specials, which Jann said had a delicate sauce.

There are only 6 entrées (4 chicken, a veal, and a fish), with additional daily specials, but it’s actually plenty. As a matter of fact, Lil commented immediately that she loved that the menu is only 2 pages, as opposed to the confusing ones with way too many choices.
We were stuffed at this point, but still managed a bite or tow of the really delicious Chicken Picatta. The shock is that it was lemon sauce and capers, 2 of my most hated substances, and even I loved it! The edges of the chicken were crispy, yet juicy and flavorful, and I could have scarfed the whole dish, if I hadn’t already ingested enough food for a family of 4! The other were nuts about the spinach, which they said was beyond perfect with a little squeeze of lemon. Very generous portions of everything, as well.

Grand bistro desert
Chicken Picatta

For dessert, they all loved the Tiramisu, which I don’t eat (Hate coffee), while Jann and I fought over the very differently done profiteroles, which had no ice cream in their rendition and was more like a delicious pudding.
One aspect I must say Bravo to is that the To-Go menu is actually a little less than the sit-down one, which I think is brilliant. I’ve always wondered why we pick-up artists have to pay the same prices as our dine-in counterparts. It also features a larger pizza option.
So, have you figured out which items make-up our perfect meal? It’s the pizza, Caesar, and Bolognese. Just save some for me.
Brunello Trattoria 6001 Washington Blvd. 310-280-3856  

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