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Project Runway Alums Nick Verreos & Andre Gonzalo Join Jody Whatley at West Hollywood's Alpha Male

Nic, Jody and Andrae
Nick Verreos with Jody Watley and
Andrae Gonzalo at Alpha Male on Melrose
photos by Valeria Sherlock
Video Interviews
  Nick Verreos
Andrae Gonzalo   Nick Talks about Season 3 and being profiled as a terrorist :
"I know I've got a beard but a GAY terrorist? Get real!"
(Windows Media)
  Andrae Gonzalo
Andrae Gonzalo

  Andrae discusses blogs and the cast of Season 3:
"I wish they would
be nicer!"
(Windows Media)
  Jody Watley
Andrae Gonzalo  
Jody Watley talks about her new album
"The new album has that soulful dance vibe"
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WHAT: A CD and DVD signing event.

WHO: Grammy winning singer Jody Whatley meets up with Project Runway Season Two alums Nick Verreos and Andrae Gonzalo were supposed to be joined by Santino.

WHERE: Alpha Male clothing store on Melrose in West Hollywood.

WHEN: September 28, 2006. .

THE VERDICT: Jody Whatley continues the 20th Century practice of using your own vocals on your own album (extra credit to Jody for sounding great on top of that). Nick and Andrae were giddily signing DVD's from Project Runway Season Two. Everyone waited with baited breath for Santino who failed to show up due to problems at St. Louis Airport.

Memorable quotes of the night:

"Maybe Santino didn't make it because some paranoid government types profiled him as a terrorist when he was at the airport."
--Andrae on Santino's absence

"I'd never get profiled as a TERRORIST! I wear too much Louis Vuitton to be a suicide bomber! This stuff is too good to blow up . .."
Nick on whether he has ever been mistaken for a terrorist by airport screeners.
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Alpha Male clothing

Alpha Male
The store in question - before the celebs arrive

The inside- looking calm before the storm
Someone's loud belt buckle announces its arrival
Hello Nic
Hello Nick nice belt!
Nic again
Nick finds the Project Runway DVD too hot to the touch.
Nic with model
Nick takes in the decor- Alpha Male is definitely his style.

Model Amanda from Project Runway Season 3 wonders about that antennae on top of Nick's head.
Nic's shoes
Anyone seen Santino?

Anyone seen the latest post on BloggingProjectRunway?

Anyone seen Andrae?
Andrae appearing

Right Heeere kids!

Prject Runway DVD's
"What about our DVD's waiting to be signed?"
I need my nudity
The Wall Decor includes public service announcements
Jody Whatley poster
The boys sense the presence of someone coming near . . Santino?
Jody Whatley with mother
Jody Watley shows up with her mother
Jody hugging
Jody is greeted by one of her loyal fans-
Nic, Andrae, Jody
And finally the boys get their quality time with the Grammy Winner
Nic helping woman 
"I know, I love these shoulder cuts too . ."
Nic, Andrea and friends
And one more shot with the store owners . . who still wonder where the missing Santino ended up tonight-
Nic and Andrae

"Wrong, it's your turn to go looking for Santino"

"And false! It's your turn!"

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! It's your turn"


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