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"They are the quintessential Hollywood bag."
Surly Girl handbag
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"We're about doing what you want, when you want- and looking good doing it!"

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Surly Girl

"Surly" first appeared in the Old English Dictionary around 1566 and was used to describe any man who was all at once "lordly, majestic, masterful, and arrogant.” Flash ahead a few centuries and it seems surly has switched teams, leaving behind aristocratic "lordly arrogance" for a more populist "masterful with attitude." Surly isn't wearing royal hunting boots anymore. It's 2006 and surly can now be described as preferring ultra cute bags and sexy clutches as it rides the red carpet, not stable horses.

Surly is now a fashion virtue. Not convinced? Consider-

Surly Girl   Surly Girl

Back in the 1990's there was an ambitious young woman named Alison Muh who pondered her future as she prepared to graduate from Brown University in Rhode Island. A charter-member surly girl from California, Alison weighed her options and made a choice to go to work with Smith Barney in New York's World Trade Center. The New Millennium was approaching fast and the future looked great for a young Ivy-League grad.

Alison later moved across the street from the Twin Towers in swanky TriBeCa. So far, so good. But then Alison proved too independent-minded to be taking orders from Wall Street people with loud voices and short attention spans.

Alison's web site summarized her situation thus ' . .the problem with this (career) is that you have to take orders from someone else. And, that someone else is often an idiot. "

It was at this point that the wandering, centuries-old spirit of surliness possessed Alison to dish the smack talk back at her tormentors as she entertained dreams of fashion design. This caused problems. Surly's virtuous side is often overlooked.

Alison contended with the idea of leaving New York. TriBeCa was a highly-desired address. Alison had settled in nicely, but finally faced up to another decision- can a fashion-loving independent girl like her find her path on Wall Street? Choices!

Surly Girl   Surly Girl

Finally, after years of living in New York, Alison confronted a hard choice: either leave her comfortable life in New York or take a chance on her own creativity in the world of bling back in California.

A true surly girl, Alison decided to do the dangerous thing and packed her bags for Hollywood. It was July 2001 and as Alison left her home near the World Trade Center one last time, the shutting door must have echoed with the sound of crashing buildings and a world turned upside-down.

Flash forward five years-
Alison's Surly Girl line is now a staple of red carpets all over Hollywood. Starting with a hot pink sparkling briefcase in 2003, the Surly Girl line of accessories has expanded with a line of bags done in fun colors and prints. Nowadays, surly girl celebs from Britney Spears, to Paris Hilton to Eva Longoria sport these bags and clutches with their signature Swarovski crystals.

Surly products started showing up on movie premiere and award shows- when they're not being featured onscreen in shows like "Desperate Housewives". By December 2005, demand drove Alison to open her first Surly Girl boutique on the famed Robertson Blvd.

Now Surly Girl offers a line of baguettes, Surly wallets, belts, Swarovski jewelry, soy candles and Surly Lounge wear. So far, so good.

It's strange how when Alison looks out of her Surly Girl glass storefront toward the ultra hip Ivy restaurant across the street, she notices a few of the same bi-coastal people she saw eating salad on the sidewalks of southern Manhattan six years ago. When these same folks look back at Alison, it's clear they're not looking at the same girl they saw in 2001. She's has more surly virtue than ever.

- L. Coronado, Editor

Surly Girl   Kathy Hilton   Alison Muh
     The Surly Girl motto   Celebs and their hip moms get in touch with their inner Surliness   The original Surly Girl herself- Alison Muh shows off one of her bags

Surly Girl
116 N. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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