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L.A. Fashion Week Day 2
Moda Management Delivers An East - West Feel
Fashion Week Day 2
Bory Tan, Fashion Editor, The Doll Service

With vivid floral vintage fabrics, Moda's Peter Lau constructs beautiful Victorian inspired dresses, skirts, corsets and jackets accented with lace and vibrant faux fur trims.  Lim on the other hand takes on the season around with denim, suede, and linen pieces with splashes of Chinese inflections, creating a Eurasia feel. 

Peter Lau was born in Hong Kong.  He visited Beijing in 1992 for the first time, which brought tremendous influence to his work. 

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Being deeply impressed by his compatriots, Lau began designing fashion collections fully inspired by his motherland. Annie Lim is one of the rising stars in the fashion world.  Their fusion of different styles embodies multiculturalism and optimism, without forgetting the tasteful beauty of femininity, creating a buzz in Europe and Asia.

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