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Jennifer Nicholson
Lara Flynn Boyle
Lisa Rinna
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Jack Nicholson
Jennifer's dad showed up. We hear he has a killer 3-pointer!
Nothing starts at a Jennifer Nicholson show without Jack but dad was late coming in from the Laker game. One hour and six minutes late, to be exact.

And then the photographers went wild as Jack finally arrived, looking winded as if he had to come off the bench and help the Laker back court himself.

Switching basketball for the Smashbox Studios, L.A.’s number-one sports fan didn’t have his usual basketball pals seated behind him.

And then there was the bevy of stars which came out to cheer Jennifer on: Lisa Rinna, Rebecca de Mornay, Lara Flynn-Boyle and Paula Abdul kept ol’ Jack company.

Suddenly, leggy models substituted for the Sacramento Kings on the floor.

Jennifer Nicholson’s collection featured layers of ruffles, sheer metallics and fanciful pirate prints. A pink sheer bow dress looked as if it was made of rubber. Denim skirts were embroidered with arts and craft-sy deer and log cabins

The show went off without the pyrotechnics and stunts of previous days.

Waiting over an hour for the show to start, one started to miss the costumed faux priests throwing holy water at the crowd and the hoola-hoop boys in shorts and boots. Hope the Lakers won.

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