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Los Angeles is home to many catering companies, some excellent, some not so much. But I love when the good ones are from actual restaurants, so if you crave the food again, you can have it anytime, rather than having to go so far as to throw your own party just to have the same vittles.

My very favorite caterer, for many years running, is Back On Broadway Catering. If I hear that their food will be served at an event, I try to not miss it, no matter what it is.

[Well, if it was at a film festival featuring “Tin Drum,” “Requiem For A Dream,” and “House of Sand and Fog,” I’d probably have to sit that one out. Just as well, because I can’t eat for a month if I even think of any of those movies. I probably just conjured them up now because I ate so much at a BOB-catered soiree last night, that I want to not eat for awhile.]

Each party I’ve been to of theirs is different, the only staple being incredible food, in taste, variety, and abundance. (I’ve used them myself on several occasions, and have never run out of food, which I can tall you is a rarity in the catering biz.)

The party that I just attended featured a summer barbeque menu that had something for everybody. There were grill chefs constantly cooking up tenderloin of beef and mini Italian sausage subs, so the meat was always the freshest possible.

Those, along with asparagus and ricotta ravioli in vodka pink sauce were the only hot foods, which kept it simple, to go along with the lavish garden buffet. I practically pulled up my chair to the orzo with roasted summer vegetables. And Mr. X devoured the poached salmon with dill sauce.

There was grilled corn on the cob and several types of salad, some basic, like potato salad, and others exotic, such as the shrimp and avocado with green beans. In a separate location, near the bar, was a stunning lay-out of their crudités, which was made famous by none other than moi, when I unexpectedly talked about their food on my first Tonight Show gig. It’s always a much appreciated light and healthy pre-meal snack that’s enjoyed by all ages.

As tempting and delicious as all the meal choices were, I knew enough to save room for dessert. This was a multi-age fete, but we all turned into 10-year-olds when we got to this part. For starters, they brought in a Baskin-Robbins Sundae Bar. At most parties, that would have been enough, but never at Back On Broadway gatherings.

Then we moved along to the Chocolate Fountain with more interesting accoutrements than the usual fruit. Mr. X had to drag me away from dipping crème puffs all night.

You’d think that’d be enough, but we weren’t done yet. There were trays of all kinds of mini-pastries. And two-tiered round personal carrot cakes, for those people who wanted to explode like the fireworks we were there to see.

The best news is that I really didn’t have to gorge myself, as I’m wont to do at Back On Broadway’s parties because I’m secure in the knowledge that I’ll be able to head to one of their restaurants for more, as soon as I can fit Back Into My Jeans.

Back On Broadway 2024 Broadway Santa Monica 310-453-8919
Back On The Beach 445 PCH Santa Monica 310-393-8282

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