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If someone had told me that there’s an adorable place in Los Angeles that serves delicious food with amiable service and is so inexpensive that it’s almost free, I wouldn’t have believed them. But I hope you trust me on this one because Sky’s Gourmet Taco’s in Picfair Village, my new favorite food area of L.A., is a true find.

Well, new to me--I’ve heard it’s been around for 15 years! I guess I’ve always thought that Pico stopped at Doheny! The owner is a beautiful lady named Barbara Burrell whose concept was to serve “quality Mexican food, with a splash of soul.” Her mission is accomplished.

Since I believe in doling out credit where it’s due, I have to give props to the Stoli Hotel Gifting Lounge (that I reviewed a couple of months back; check my archives) where I discovered this food. People seemed to enjoy it so much at that event that I had to go to the restaurant to try more of their menu.


My pregnant pal, Lisa, and I ventured there a couple of weeks ago. First of all, it’s really comfortable. The indoor space is small, but not cramped, and there are several outdoor tables and even a side party space. And it’s open until 9PM, except 7PM on Sunday, and looked to us to be busy at all times. We were still there at 4PM and the joint was jumpin’.

You might think that I’M the most famous person who’s eaten here recently, but you’d be wrong because I heard that Usher dined here a few nights before my lunch. And I know that the infamous Paris Hilton was chowing down on the vittles right after I did at the Stoli event. (I’m such a trend-setter.)

But I would guess that nobody tried as many dishes as Lisa and I did in one sitting. When I stood up, I bet the other patrons thought they were seeing TWO pregnant ladies, not just Lisa. What DIDN’T we try is the question.

Only half my burger because I had already gobbled the other half!]

For starters, we had the BEST grapefruit juice either one of us had ever had, in adorable, yet over-sized mason jars. I was chugging the stuff. Lisa loved their homemade lemonade, as well. There are two types of that, but she went with the basic one, being with child and all.

Speaking of basic, we ordered the chips, guacomole and pico de gallo special while we perused the interesting menu, and the whole platter was great. Besides being super-tasty, the chips are the perfect size, that I’ve seen nowhere else, because they’re one-biters, so there can be no temptation to double-dip. Brilliant!

As in the case of the missing burger, this is only half the Shrimp Salad because we had already eaten the other half before we remembered to take a picture.

The shock of the meal was what my favorite item was--the Sky Burger! In the midst of the myriad of Mexican choices. It has special ingredients and comes on grilled sourdough bread. I noticed that when I was eating it, I made a note that said I’m so madly in love with my burger that I’d marry it! If I weren’t already married…to Clarence! (That’s my dog, not Mr. X, so don’t get too excited, if you’re a friend of my mother’s.)

Lisa, my Mexican food expert, loved everything. I think her favorite was the gigantic specialty salad with a generous portion of hot shrimp, served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. We both ate it for days because it was so big we had to take most of it home.

The best news for many of you is that there are at least seven vegetarian choices, that can be prepared vegan, as well. And I think there are twelve kinds of tacos! And burritos and quesadillas and tortas and salads and sides. We loved everything we tried.


My second favorite to the burger is the homemade cheesecake. I’ve tried both the caramel crunch and the pineapple. Actually, my whole family loved them because when I brought some home, I caught Mr. X and Clarence grabbing bites behind my back!

I had plans of paying a return visit to sample their breakfast, but ran into an especially busy period for myself, and wanted to get the word out about Sky’s Gourmet Tacos pronto. I’m sure I’ll get by there on an upcoming morning, and I’ll tell you about it when I do. Until then, you may just find me on a honeymoon with my burger.

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos 5408 W. Pico Blvd. 323-932-6253

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