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[This restaurant review is a tad shorter this week because I want you guys to have time to click over to my entertainment column and read the scoop on the Emmy Suites.]

I’ve never really sat down to a meal at this new-ish restaurant, but I’ve been to a couple of parties here, which One Sunset is getting known for. The original started in the meat-packing district of NY, and came west about five months ago.

I must say that they have some of the most pleasant waiters in town, my favorite being John. He’s really happy to get you fed!

The lay-out is a tad strange, but it’s interesting. When you walk in, straight ahead there are rows of couches with tables that are low enough for afternoon tea, but don’t seem right for dinner. There are booths in the back in a room that’s a step up, for no apparent reason. That part doubles as the VIP area at parties that feel like they need one.

The bar is off to the side of the main room, and seems to be the source of the main action. There’s a DJ booth at the end of it that’s near the slightly elevated room.

Their food philosophy is different, as well. Everything on the menu is meant for sharing, something I’m leery of doing with a crowd. Some plates, though, lend themselves well to that. The one with two mini-cheeseburgers, fries, and onion rings certainly does.

The menu itself looks limited, but at a couple of the parties I’ve attended at One, it seemed that every second, there was a different dish being passed or brought to our table.

Another of our faves is mini grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of creamy tomato soup to dip them into. If you’re thinking of ordering that one, you should definitely bring people you know very well, just in case of double-dipping. I’d sure hate to do that with anyone other than Mr. X. Or Clarence.

My friends have enjoyed the lobster and goat cheese quesadillas, and various pizzas, as well. I’m always happy to see their cookie platter when it starts getting late. For me, the chocolate ones are the stars of the lot.

Whether you go for dinner or a party, this place is a definite improvement over at least the three most recent incarnations on this site. Right now, in the night spot category, it just might be number One.

One Sunset 8730 Sunset Boulevard WeHo 310-657-0111

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