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“THE O.C.”

I couldn’t stop crying last night. Mr. X knew I was watching the next to last episode of “The O.C.” and erroneously assumed that they had killed off Ryan (the adorable Benjamin McKenzie.) We both hate when major characters, in whom we’ve invested our emotions, get killed off. (He refuses to watch even one second of “24” since the powers-that-be let Jack Bauer’s wife die in the final episode of Season One.) I could just hear him composing a letter to Fox for causing me this new pain.

Finally, through the sobs and wails, (mine, not Mr. X’s), I conveyed to him that Ryan did indeed live, but that I was hysterical because I can’t bare the fact that next week is the series finale. I love this show!!! It’s by far my favorite, and I’ve rarely even referred to the characters by the names of their portrayers! I actually had to go back to the credits last week to look up the name of the actress (who even has second billing) who plays Kirsten Cohen! After four years!!!

I really feel like I know these people in Newport so well, and hate that I won’t get to find out how they’re doing in six months or a year. I don’t think there’s another family on TV as good as the Cohens. (In every way, but I meant as people.) Actually, probably not in real life either. Maybe that’s why I’m so attached to them.

This isn’t just a show to me; I feel like they’re my distant family. How could Fox cancel it??? Just when Ryan was beginning to smile.


This might be the only thing that could cheer me up right around now: Oscar Suites! The granddaddy of them all! I’m like a kid looking forward to Christmas. Next week can’t get here fast enough. My two favorite suites that I’ve been lucky enough to attend for other award shows this season are back again.

First up will be a stop at the Sonya Dakar Oscar Lounge, which features premium spa services in addition to beauty gifts. It’ll be a busy day for me because I’m stopping by on the way to taping my show, “Karen’s Restaurant Revue.” I’m hoping to get ready for it at the Suite by receiving a spray tan and professional make-up application. And I think I’ll segue right to the studio to unveil my goodie bag on the air. (I know, I know--you’re marking the date on your calendars right now.)

The next day, looking gorgeous from Sonya’s, I’ll be headed over to the Liberace Oscar Suite presented by Primary Action, Inc., where I’ve found some of my most fabulous fashion gear and jewelry this past year. And their gift bags usually feature great beauty items that I use constantly.

Many people feel these gifts are just frivolous, but I go through every one and pare them down to pass the info on to you. I’m actually very blasé about most things in life, so when I enthuse over a product or service, you know it’s truly stupendous. I can’t wait to let you in on everything next week, and, if you get a chance, check the pages of BHP for exclusive video as I take you behind the scenes of the coveted Oscar Suites I attend.


And lastly, life must go on after the demise of “The O.C.,” so I have to force myself to get on with it. I’ve missed at least six play openings this year already, due to pneumonia and being busy with other events, but I’m glad to announce that I’m finally back in the theatrical loop!

The other night, I attended the opening of “Altar Boyz” at the Wadsworth Theatre, located on the grounds of the Veteran’s Administration in WLA. Boy, I hadn’t been there in a dog’s age! It’s actually the perfect theatre. All the parking is close, as are the rest rooms to the auditorium, and the sight lines are pretty good from most seats. I was actually kind-of cozy there. And you’re outside to the parking lot within a minute or two of the curtain call.

I knew nothing of the show beforehand, except for that the ads appeared to be five guys singing. Which is exactly what it is. The story is that they’re a Christian rock band, sort-of, and go on tour, saving souls. Each character has his own well-defined shtick. They even throw in a Jewish guy wearing a yarmulke, who turned out to be the best dancer, by the way.

Every guy sang and danced great, we could actually make out the words to the songs, the story was entertaining enough, and there were a lot of laughs. All that in ninety minutes with no intermission! What more could you want in a night at the theatre? I know that my spirits are always lifted looking at guys with muscles and tight pants, so the evening was a success for me. And a few souls were probably saved in the process. I just hope mine was one of them.

“Altar Boys” running through February 25
Wadsworth Theatre 11301 Wilshire Blvd. 213-365-3500
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