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I’ve been hoping to find a slow week, entertainment-wise, to “review” some fabulous finds from the first half of the year. I recently spent so much time at one event, the tennis tournament at UCLA, that I shunned all others for that week. So now, I can finally give-you the New Product Wrap-up. Here’s the run-down on some of the best and brightest (in more ways than one; read on.)


I have never had so many positive comments on a tee-shirt as I have on the one that I wore on my show that aired on June 5! I was also wearing it in the pictures with all the ice skaters in the semi-recent Champions On Ice column. (Check my archives, if you missed it.) Let’s face it--I’ve been wearing that baby out! It’s my new favorite item of apparel.

Since just about everyone has asked where I got it, I want to give all of you the scoop at the same time. At the May 2 Stoli Hotel Opening Night Gifting Suite, I stopped by the booth where these darling tees were being featured.

The designer is Dania Wright, an adorable, young, skinny girl from the Bay area. She couldn’t have been sweeter or more accommodating. Her designs were so popular that she was running out of them, and the evening was young. So, instead of turning us away with an “Oh, well,” as some sponsors occasionally do, Dania said she’d send them to us. (She so kindly had offered one to my assistant, too, which very rarely happens.)

I figured that was the last I’d hear from her. A couple of days later, she emailed to confirm my address and mentioned that she’d be back in L.A. the following week to do another event, in case I wanted to attend that one, as well, and that she’d leave my name at the door.


It sounded like fun, (and I don’t totally trust any mailing system), so off to Hollywood I went again. I’m so glad that I did because that’s where I found my beautiful perfect-shade-of-blue designer tee-shirt. (Dania didn’t have this particular design and color with her at the Stoli suite.) I got to try it on for size, which wouldn’t have been the case at the original event, and we’ve been together ever since. I haven’t been so nuts over an article of clothing like this since I was ten and madly in love with the perfect black boots! I love that feeling!

So, there you have it--the tale of the tee. Just please try not to copy my exact shirt if you live in Los Angeles, New York or Rhode Island, the three places that I am the most. Or if you’re Lindsay, Paris, or Brittney, because in that case, I’d have to give it up for good, though I’m sure it would look great worn with a naked bottom.


This is the section with “the brightest” as promised in the first paragraph. It’s a brilliant concept of gently-colored light bulbs to help with certain moods. Mood Factory is the company who I wrote should manufacture mini-flashlights with the bulbs, so we can shine them on all the attitudinal people we encounter.


Anyway, I got their starter kit, Mood-lites, which sports bulbs for eight moods with a fabulous, unobtrusive-to-any-décor lamp that features a three-level dimmer. Mr. X has always been a master of room lighting and gets upset that I usually just put them on or off, with no artistry involved. So, when this arrived, he didn't know what to think. He loved it the instant it went on!

And the color therapy seems to work. My poor little best friend, Clarence, the Singing Dog, had been ailing for a few weeks, (he’s much better now) and we put the lamp near where he usually lies, with the blue bulb for Tranquility. Mr. X and I actually needed it as much as Clarence did. We really felt better pretty quickly.

Now, whenever we start arguing, which is pretty frequently, (nothing wrong here--that’s a normal occurrence for two lunatics from the East Coast), I quickly put the lamp on and we calm down. Now if only they made a color for weight loss, I’d be all set!


When I was twelve, I won a prize for selling the most Girl Scout cookies--a diary. I usually wait for the perfect moment to use new possessions, which could be years, but for some reason, I availed myself of this one right away.

Boy, am I glad I did. I tell every girl now that they should keep one, and for grown-ups, who feel funny writing in a “diary,” to keep a “journal.” Actually, they’re not just for females; my father kept one since his twenties, and I read them all when he passed away a few years ago. Very enlightening. What he wrote is fodder for MY journals.


So, when I noticed these themed Journals Unlimited at the Haven House Oscar Suites in February, I had to stop to peruse them. They’re brilliant! In this day and age of super-short attention spans, these journals give you the topics to write about and the sub-categories, as well. You barely have to think. But you get to create memories.

They feature over fifty titles and have something for everyone, including Vacations, Prayers, Recipes, and Birthdays. I wish they had these around when I was a teen-ager; I had to make my own for all the Sweet 16s I attended.

They come in three sizes, but I’ve always been about minis, as we can tell from the length of my skirts. They’re cute and easy to fit anywhere. Now, if I could just get some of my absent-minded friends to carry a Journal Unlimited, I wouldn’t have to be the one to remind them of everything that happened in THEIR lives; I’m too busy recording my own experiences.


This product I actually discovered at the Pennhouse Oscar Suite way back in February, but didn’t get to try until now. I just started with the regimen, so I don’t know the results yet.


I CAN tell you that the plumpers themselves are the only painless ones I’ve ever tried, and are shiny enough to wear without lipstick.

And, that Clarence, the Singing Dog, is in love with licking my lips coated with the Night Balm. And the packaging is super-inviting.

I’ll try it for a few weeks and see what happens. So, if you see me walking towards you, and you have an overwhelming desire to kiss me, just blame it on Hollywood Lips. Or realize that you’re a Chubby Chaser.


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