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Fitness Visualization: Getting the Body You Want by Simply Living the Body You’re In
by Monique K. Chambers
Do you see yourself fit?
Do you believe you can be fit?
Have you been fit before?
Will I ever be that size again?

Visualization is an important factor in achieving your fitness goals. When you can conceive where it is you are going you have a better chance of getting there. Then belief has to kick in, because you can visualize all day long but if you don’t truly have conviction you are only kidding yourself.

Instead of making hateful comments, giving yourself a more positive and empowering way to look at the same thing.

Visualization takes that concept one step further because when you are working out and your mind goes into “rebellion”, you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this”?, “Nothing’s changing, so what’s the point anyway.”

You can utilize those “I am” statements you’ve learned before to get you motivated and to give you more intensity and create vision for your goal. When I’m training a client I ask them to find a mantra / “I am” statement that reminds them of their purpose for being here.

For instance someone who hates the treadmill has to find some reason strong enough for ever getting on one in the first place. So I ask him/her to chant in their mind or out loud, “I am lowering my cholesterol”, “I am getting rid of my belly”, whatever it takes to bring you to the reason for the present moment and also helps you to visibly see yourself without it NOW!

See it the way you want it to be, know that it is possible.

When doing abs, I recommend clients see themselves drilling their elbows into the abs to sculpt them out, and this creates an intensity that isn’t there otherwise, creates a more productive workout.

The more you can create intensity which is your desire, your conviction to a given task you are more liable to get there. Use these “I am” statements to create better habits of thought, to where you begin to believe those thoughts versus the old ones that aren’t working for you or shall I say, “Are working for you as you believe”.

You must first see it, believe it to achieve it. Remember that a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. Continue to affirm your beliefs again and again and you will get the results you affirm.

You can always get to where you once where, if you are willing to do the work and this only means putting the word work back into your workout. You have to be patient with yourself and not expect miracles after only working out for a week or a month you have to know that it is possible and just do it without any excuses.

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